Support For Women Navigating Divorce

Supporting women to navigate separation and divorce to ultimately emerge with a clear perspective on their life and opportunities, empowered with confidence and control.

Through The Darkness

The months (and sometimes years) that follow separation are often dark and difficult.  Few people understand what you’re going through.  I will help you understand the process and find hope in those moments when you feel there is no escape.

Rewrite Your Story

Women who have lived through divorce share a common experience that can either define their life or become the opportunity to create a new, fulfilled existence.  I’ll help you rewrite your story from this moment forward.

Emerge Renewed

Ultimately, you can emerge from this situation with a new perspective on your life and what you want from it – and take it on with a true sense of confidence.  Feeling empowered to live the life you deserve is within your reach with the right support.

Hello! I’m Michelle

Empowerment & Divorce Coach for Women

Having gone through the pain of divorce myself, I can understand the rollercoaster of emotions, of highs and lows, anxiety and depression. For me, the hardest part of the struggle was letting go of the dream of family and processing the idea that I had not been able to make it different or change it and the failure that I felt because of that. My beliefs about what should be and what was meant to be held me back and the story I created trapped me in a cycle of pain I didn’t know how to escape.

After some time and much soul searching, reading and personal development work I came to the realisation that this just wasn’t good enough for me anymore and it was time to take control.

I realised that without taking responsibility for making your life change it just doesn’t happen. We all have to be responsible for ourselves, our own lives and our own happiness. The great news in this is that it’s all in our control.

This realisation changed my life. I felt that something inside myself had changed and I knew that I had to help others in this situation. I had an unrelenting desire to help others who are in this situation to find new perspective and look at things differently. To help other women to feel empowered to make the changes that are within their control to improve their lives. No one needs to live at the beck and call of another person.

My aim is to help women the world over feel supported when it seems that no-one understands. Give hope when none seems to exist. Give community when life feels lonely. Give confidence when the moments of despair won’t fade.  Give guidance towards a positive future when the healing process finally begins.

Begin with my free guide which you can download here.  And, I look forward to meeting you,


Michelle xo

I have been separated for 4 years and was unable to move forward with divorce proceedings and childcare arrangements. I desperately wanted to finalise this chapter of my life and Michelle was able to understand my situation with great empathy. She was able to use her own experiences and showed me new ways of approaching the challenges of my situation. Michelle was always there to support me whenever I started to feel overwhelmed and was able to explain the triggers of certain emotions in order for me to cope better during this difficult time.
I am not through the other side yet but with Michelle’s help and guidance I have started the journey and now I feel that I have the confidence and strength to move to a positive future. I couldn’t have done it without you Michelle! Thank you.

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The Global Survey


Part of my goal is to create greater understanding of the challenges of divorce and separation through research.

My aim is to help women the world over feel supported when there seems that no-one understands.   If you have experienced divorce, I invite you to give the gift of your perspective to those now and in the future experiencing this life transition.

If you can spare just 10 minutes, I would be very grateful to you for filling in the survey --->> 


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