At Any Given Moment You Have The Power To Say

“This is not my story anymore.”

Move on from Divorce with support that enriches your life.

Hello! I’m Michelle.

Empowerment & Divorce Coach for Women

Four years ago, my life collapsed when my marriage broke down. I thought I had the marriage I wanted. I was happy with my family and loved the life we had built together. When it ended I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. In hindsight, the signs were all around me. While I was successful and accomplished in my career, this felt like a failure. I was devastated, lost, and I didn’t know where to turn.

I didn’t realise it then, but my whole identity was consumed with being a wife and mother. Having that life ripped away from me wasn’t just painful– it was terrifying. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I felt abandoned and out of control. I felt truly alone and like no one understood how I was feeling.

That’s when the roller coaster took off. For two years I battled the highs and lows that come with divorce. I struggled with anxiety and depression. I fought to make sense of the pieces of my life left around me and what I felt I had lost. The most difficult part was surrendering the dreams I had about having a happy and whole family. I refused to accept that I couldn’t make the marriage work  – so I kept pushing to make it different. In the end, I hated that I couldn’t change the outcome.

I gripped hard onto beliefs that held me back from healing.

I held certain ideas about who I was supposed to be and how my life was meant to go. I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back it was clear I was holding tight to that story which hurt me. I was trapped in a cycle of pain, anger, and depression and I didn’t know how to escape it.

Eventually, I started soul searching. I looked into myself and I asked the hard questions we all hate to ask ourselves. ‘Why is this situation okay for me?’ Then it hit me– I knew it wasn’t okay for me anymore. I began personal development work and had an epiphany; my life is my responsibility and I need to make myself happy. It won’t just magically happen.

This simple but profound realisation changed my life. I was choosing to live in this pain instead of moving forward, and it wasn’t good enough for me anymore. It was time to take control.

Something inside of me shifted, and things started to get better. I could feel the warm light of the future beckoning me forward.

As life improved, I rewrote my story.

When this deep shift changed my perspective, I started to heal the pain from my divorce. Suddenly, I knew I could be happy if I chose to.

I was inspired. I knew I had to help others successfully cross through the darkness of divorce too.

It’s my mission to help you find a new frame of reference to view your life differently. To see that happiness is in your hands. If you choose it.

I want to empower you to make the changes you have access to within. A personal evolution that invites laughter, clarity and self-love.

You don’t need to live in the shadow of someone else’s definition of you.

They say that life begins when you realise you have one.  This is your life.

I’m here to support you when no one understands. To give you hope when life feels impossible. To offer community when you’re lonely. To catapult your confidence when life drags you to despair.

You are the secret to your happiness, and I hope to show you the way.

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About Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison is an Empowerment Coach who guides women through the struggle of divorce to an inspired new life. She helps you reframe your story so you’re free to rewrite your future with optimism and hope.

Michelle has survived her own difficult divorce and transformed her trauma into a life filled with passion and purpose. While searching for answers, she had a profound realisation that allowed her to overcome and heal her pain. She understands how different the world looks after this devastating transition and the darkness that follows. Drawing on her experience and coaching background, she can help you find strength through change. Her strategies assist you to release the stories blocking your happiness. She’ll guide you to hope, healing, and confidence through actionable methods that shift your perspective and help you let go of the pain.

Michelle has been coaching for most of her life. She holds a Bachelor Of Applied Science in Sports Coaching and Administration and the Core 100 Strategic Intervention Coaching Certification. She also has a successful career as an executive, holding a Diploma of Project Management and Certified Franchise Executive accreditation. She has coached individuals and corporate teams in Financial Planning, Business Operations, Governance and more.

Michelle now works with individuals and groups who are struggling with divorce and leading them to brighter, empowered lives. She’s the creator of the Own Your YOU Signature Program to help women dealing with divorce take control of their lives and rebuild a life they love.

Take Back Your Life .  Rewrite Your Story and Live With Independence And Confidence

I have been separated for 4 years and was unable to move forward with divorce proceedings and childcare arrangements. I desperately wanted to finalise this chapter of my life and Michelle was able to understand my situation with great empathy. She was able to use her own experiences and showed me new ways of approaching the challenges of my situation. Michelle was always there to support me whenever I started to feel overwhelmed and was able to explain the triggers of certain emotions in order for me to cope better during this difficult time.
I am not through the other side yet but with Michelle’s help and guidance I have started the journey and now I feel that I have the confidence and strength to move to a positive future. I couldn’t have done it without you Michelle! Thank you.

The Global Survey


Part of my goal is to create greater understanding of the challenges of divorce and separation through research.

My aim is to help women the world over feel supported when there seems that no-one understands.   If you have experienced divorce, I invite you to give the gift of your perspective to those now and in the future experiencing this life transition.

If you can spare just 10 minutes, I would be very grateful to you for filling in the survey --->> 


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