At Any Given Moment You Have The Power To Say

“This is not my story anymore.”


Empowerment Coaching for Women

Divorce is one of the most overwhelming and stressful transitions in life. It can feel like a living death.

I know; I’ve been there myself. I understand how consuming, enraging, and scary it is. I also know how alone and confused you may feel right now. Your body is operating but it feels like no one’s home. For me, picking up the pieces felt impossible, and I refused to accept the new status quo.

Eventually, after years of wrestling with what I had lost, I was fed up with living in constant pain. Something needed to change– immediately.

It was time to take back control. I went on a journey of self-discovery and deep reflection.

Absorbed in this personal work, I was soon hit with a profound realisation:

I and I alone am in charge of my happiness.

Suddenly, I was energised. This is my life, and I have the power to choose how I feel.

Using my coaching background and personal development strategies, I then developed techniques that helped me let go of my relationship, rebuild my self-confidence, and reach for my dreams.

Inspired to help others going through this process, I put together a toolbox of techniques that I wish I had when I first separated from my ex-husband. These tools will enable you to speed up your healing and successfully embark on a future filled with purpose and hope.

As your Empowerment & Divorce Coach, I offer guidance through the storm of separation and divorce. I also share resources to help you cross through this trauma and arrive on the other side optimistic and happy.   

When we work together, I’ll share effective tools to shed beliefs that may be hurting you and stand with you through the specialised personal development work you’ll need at this time. Instead of being overwhelmed, I’ll be there to support you, guide you and empower you. As a key member on your wellness team, we’ll rewrite a story you love.

With newfound hope and confidence, you’ll grab back control and wake up excited for life.

How it Works


Getting to know one another

Before we dive in, it’s vital we get to know each other. It’s important for you to assess whether I’m the right Divorce Coach for you. This is cathartic and fulfilling work which requires trust and rapport. I want you to feel comfortable.

The first step is a free 20-minute Discovery Call where we’ll investigate where you are and where you want to be. We’ll explore your current situation and gain insight into what’s possible for you to heal and thrive.



Your Life Reflection

Once we’ve both decided to move forward together, it’s time for Your Life Reflection. It uncovers where you are right now. You’ll gain crystal clarity on your current situation and how it relates to the rest of your life. We’ll survey each area of your life and take aim at what’s crucial. Once we know what to focus on, I’ll share with you customised tools that can accelerate your healing and growth.

This is an enlightening process. It opens your eyes to the truth of your circumstances. With a fresh perspective, the gap between the story you believed and reality is laid bare. You’ll better understand yourself and build a foundation for the incredible life you’re really meant to live.



Your Relationship Review

Your Relationship Review reveals your past in a whole new light. You’ll discover how to objectively look at your broken relationship and see how you were living within it. You’ll free yourself from hurtful beliefs you may have been carrying for years. With supportive strategies, we’ll uncover stories from the past that are holding you back and rewrite you a fabulous life.

By reframing your outlook on the past, the pain and anger fizzle out in the present. This process stops the emotional roller coaster and zeros in on the future you want.

You’ll receive short, self-guided videos packed with methods to see clearly, better cope, and move on with courage. With downloadable worksheets for each video, you’ll have the tools you need to weather the storm and rebuild your life with purpose and hope.


Reset & Reconnect

Once you reflect on where you are right now and the past that brought you here, it’s time to hit the reset button and reconnect. In the wake of divorce it can feel like you’re scooped out and hollow; like there’s nothing left inside. This process, along with the work you’re doing with specialists like solicitors, accountants, therapists, fitness and health coaches will help you heal those feelings.

The previous steps cast off the shadows of the past and examine the present. They create the space for a reset; a reboot that clears your path to a bright new future. Reconnecting with yourself helps you discover the power and passion you have within. It’ll boost your self-esteem and confidence. Using these effective techniques, you’ll look internally at yourself and understand how you’re spending your time.

How are you reconnecting with yourself?  What do you really want? Whatever that is, let’s work towards that– together.


Own Your YOU Signature Program

After Resetting and Reconnecting, you’ll have clarity about your relationship, your partner, and yourself. This fresh outlook kickstarts the healing process for faster growth to help you move forward boldly. To keep this positive momentum moving, it’s helpful to lean on a solid support network.

You’re invited to join our group of like-minded women who are also enduring divorce and separation. Designed to support each other in a safe space, you’ll be surrounded by women battling the fear, confusion, anger and pain you may be feeling as well. Together we help each other heal and move forward with self-assurance and grace.

Own Your YOU Program

My Own Your YOU Signature Program is your fast-track to surviving your divorce and thriving. First, we’ll explore your situation with a relationship review. Then we’ll work closely to uncover any obstacles and challenges you may be facing. I’ll share strategies to see yourself clearly, move forward, and set sail on a future filled with optimism and zest.

Using practical techniques that have worked for me and my clients, you can take control of your life, lift your self-esteem, and take the plunge on a thrilling new future.

This is your life. You have an exciting opportunity to empower yourself with the strength and passion you have within. I’m excited to help you get there.

Let’s Talk
If you’re ready to rewrite your story and take back control of your life, schedule a free 20 minute chat. Rebuild an independent, empowered life full of passion and confidence today.

The Global Survey


Part of my goal is to create greater understanding of the challenges of divorce and separation through research.

My aim is to help women the world over feel supported when there seems that no-one understands.   If you have experienced divorce, I invite you to give the gift of your perspective to those now and in the future experiencing this life transition.

If you can spare just 10 minutes, I would be very grateful to you for filling in the survey --->> 


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