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The 5 Empowering Steps
To Get Over Your Divorce (So You Can Let Go Of The Pain, Take Control Of Your Life, And Create A Future You’ll Love)

Even if you're completely overwhelmed by anger, sadness and loss.
 I'll reveal what REALLY works to move forward.
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This FREE MASTERCLASS takes you through the simple steps to move on from divorce so you’re through with the past, happy with the present and excited for the future. You’ll embrace your new life, bring out your best self and feel strong and confident again.
Step 1: Shift Your Perspective
With a new perspective on your past, you can stop the emotional rollercoaster of divorce. You’ll let go of your ex, take control of your present and spark excitement for the future you want.
Step 2: Rewrite Your Current Story
Discover the powerful process that creates a new chapter in life you’ll love. You’ll become more aware, find more strength, and grow inner-power. 

Step 3: Wake Up Happy And Grateful Each Day
Enjoy the peace of being free from your divorce and build a fabulous future of happiness, hope, and grace. 

Michelle Harrison
Empowerment Coach
About The Speaker:
Michelle Harrison is a vibrant Divorce Coach who helps people move forward from the pain of divorce. Her work guides you to let go of the pain, take control of your life and create a future you’ll love.
Four years ago, Michelle survived her own difficult divorce. While searching for answers, she had a profound realisation that allowed her to heal her pain. Though it was a life-change she didn’t want, she worked through a process that shifted her perspective and helped her move forward. She now uses that process to help others release the pain of divorce and thrive.

Michelle understands this devastating transition and the darkness that follows. Using her background in coaching, she helps you find strength through change. She’ll guide you to hope and confidence through actionable methods to rewrite your story and choose a fulfilling future.

Michelle has been coaching for most of her life. She holds a Bachelor Of Applied Science in Sports Coaching and Administration and the Core 100 Strategic Intervention Coaching Certification. She also had a successful career as an executive, holding a Diploma in Project Management and a Certified Franchise Executive Accreditation. She has coached individuals and corporate teams in Financial Planning, Business Operations, Governance and more.

Michelle now uses her coaching skills and personal experience to help people who are struggling with divorce and empowering them to create happier lives.
Disclaimer: This presentation is free. There will be a paid offer at the end. You do not have to purchase the offer in order to get value out of the masterclass. 
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